Saturday, March 26, 2011

Just When You Thought It Was Safe To Go Back On The Blog…..

Yep, the party girls are back! When you have a lot of friends you have a lot of parties to attend. What can I say?

This one was for sweet little Abby-Doo. She is such a laid back, easy going, happy-go-lucky girl.

And here she is, the guest of honor. Abby turned 5 a few days after Molly.IMG_1

And here is one of the party goers. Laid back? Happy-go-lucky? Easy going? Well maybe not, but still one of my favorite gals around!IMG_2

And here is the rest of the gang. IMG_3

Abby’s party was at a local gymnastics studio. There were games to play….IMG_4IMG_5968

And apparatus to play on.IMG_5971

Molly even pulled out one of her favorite party tricks. “Hey Chloe, look! My feet are transparent!” (You may have to enlarge picture to see transparent feet)IMG_5972It looks like Chloe was more grossed-out than impressed!

After an hour of full-on fun, it was time to eat.

Molly and Elizabeth waiting for chow.IMG_5974

A little snuggle with the birthday girl.IMG_5975

It’s amazing how quiet the kids were during lunch.IMG_5980I think all of that playing gave them one heck of an appetite!

Molly just loves a good kid’s party, and ya know what? So do I!

Happy 5th Birthday Abby-Doo!

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