Sunday, March 6, 2011

Can You Stand One More Party Post?

How about two? In one day. Is that pushing it? What if if I told you that only one of them was for Molly.Would that be easier to take?

Yes, it was a new week, and a new excuse to party.

Let’s start with Little Miss Emily’s party. Emily is part of Molly’s playgroup and the girls have played together for the past three years. There was no way we were going to miss her party, even if I had a houseful of company show up at my doorstep before I got home.

Here’s the 6-year-old birthday girl looking oh-so-cute!IMG_5831The theme for this party was American Girl, as in American Girl dolls. Molly was thrilled that she got to bring her new AG Bitty Twins with her to the soirĂ©e.

Throughout the party there were various activities designed for the girls and their dolls to do together.

Here’s Molly doing the runway walk during the Mommy/Baby fashion show.IMG_1

There was also cheerleading…IMG_2

…and dancing in bubbles.IMG_3Molly and her dolls had fun, although the boy twin sat with me for most of the party. It was kind of  a girl thing and he was feeling a bit out of place.

I did convince him to join his sister for the tea party. He agreed, but I think he just did it for the cupcake.IMG_4T

here was plenty of other fun to be had at the party like decorating goody bags!IMG_5

And hanging out with good friends.IMG_6

One final picture of the girls and their dolls before we were out the door….IMG_7and heading for party #2!

For her birthday, Molly had a party with her friends, celebrated again with the kids at school and had an entire day dedicated to her every wish. Seems like that should be enough, no? Absolutely not, if you asked Molly!

She needed just one more party in order to celebrate turning five with her family! So immediately after Emily’s party we headed home to party one! more! time!

We started out the evening with Chinese Food—Molly’s yearly birthday request. Yum!

Molly was thrilled to have cousins Matt and Allie help her open gifts.IMG_5859

Some books from Mom (once a teacher, always a teacher).IMG_5861

This was the one gift Molly HAD to have. It’s a pointer like her teachers use in her classroom. Funny, the things kids want!IMG_5863

Molly got these cool travel games from Auntie Molly and Uncle Eli. They will come in so handy on one of our many road trips.IMG_5866

Chinese clothes for the Bitty Twins.IMG_5867

A super cool game from Aunt Karen and Uncle Jeff.IMG_5868

The much coveted princess t-shirt from Grandmom.IMG_5871

Princess beach towel from Allie and Matt.IMG_5873

Woo Hoo!  A Wii Game System from Grandma, Grandpa and Aunt Shel! Molly calls it her “V.” Apparently she must have some German in her somewhere.IMG_5877

Grandmom gave her a princess game for the “V.” Yes, she is still into princesses but things have backed off from the previous princess obsession. Thank goodness.IMG_5881

Mom and Dad came through with a PINK controller for the “V”…IMG_5882

…as well as another game. IMG_5884

Uncle Jack hit the mark with all of her favorites: Pinkalicious, a “V” game and Dinosaur Train DVD. IMG_5883

Then it was time for the cake. If you are keeping track this is Molly’s third cake! Somehow I don’t think she minds.IMG_5889

Hope all of your wishes come true, sweet baby girl!IMG_5892

The next morning I realized that I didn’t take any pictures with most of the people at the party. Bad Mommy! I was lucky enough to get a few with Grandmom and Uncle Jack before they headed for home.IMG_5893IMG_5896IMG_5899

Okay, so that’s it. We’re done with parties. D.O.N.E. ….at least for for this year!

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