Saturday, January 29, 2011

Mattie Gail Turns 4, and I Turn…Well, Older Than 4!

Molly’s friend Mattie Gail turned 4 earlier this month so you know what that called for, don’t you? Yep! A birthday party! Molly was beyond excited to share Mattie Gail’s special day with her.

And, oh what a party it was! A ladybug party to be exact. There were crafts, and games, and crafts, and food, and crafts, and cake, and more crafts! There was no down time at this party, now way! Something exciting to do every step of the way. Just take a look…

Upon arriving at the party, each guest got to assemble their very own ladybug party hat. Molly even but dots on her antennae. IMG_5360

Look at the sweet birthday girl back there in her ladybug dress.IMG_5363

Molly finished her hat and snuck over to Mattie’s horse for a quick ride. This is Molly’s favorite toy at Mattie’s house, so she just couldn’t resist. IMG_5365

Molly gives Mattie Gail a Happy Birthday hug.IMG_5367

Time to eat…Molly enjoying her favorite food: cheese. Hope you don’t have to worry about cholesterol in 4-year-olds because this kid is addicted to cheese.IMG_5369

Look craft projects to do while eating…cool!IMG_5370

Next was a rousing game of Pin the Spot on the Ladybug. I think Molly actually hit the target!IMG_5372

After everyone had a turn with the spots, the kids played a ladybug version of musical chairs…Musical Leaves. Molly was the last one standing and won the game.

She was a bit confused though. Every kid got a prize when they were “out.” Molly really wanted a prize but her competitive spirit wouldn’t let her give up just to get the goodies. She was rewarded at the end, have no fear. She got a princess puzzle. Oh my, the joy!IMG_5373

While waiting for the cake to be served it was time for…you guessed it. A craft! The kids constructed ladybugs out of raisins, peanut butter and pretzels.IMG_5377

Ummm, how cute is this cake? I mean really, it was simply adorable.IMG_5379

Mattie Gail gets ready to make a wish and blow out the candle. Molly was making a wish, too: She was wishing for an extra big piece of cake!IMG_5385

Looks like her wish came true! You know with Molly’s sugar issues, she (and everyone around her) will pay for it later. But for now, she feasts!IMG_5390

Post-cake sugar rush in action.IMG_5391

Watching Mattie open birthday gifts…the sugar crash is starting.IMG_5396

And one final group shot before the party was over.IMG_5402We got our coats and left quickly after this picture. Things were getting ugly in Molly World. Poor Molly just can’t handle her sugar.

Despite a few behavior issues, Molly had a great time at Mattie's party. Kudos to Tressa, Mattie’s mom. She put on a party that was as cute as a bug. A ladybug, that is!

As it happened, today was my birthday. That meant a double celebration. Tony and Molly got my favorite cake from the Chinese Bakery: Mocha Cappuccino. IMG_5403Lucky for Molly, this is not her favorite. She was content with a tiny dish of reduced sugar ice cream. We were all happy about that! We only needed to experience the sugar uglies once today.

Molly really thought that I needed a Mulan doll from the Disney store for my birthday. Luckily her Dad persuaded her that this would be a better gift.IMG_5408Be still my heart. I am in techie heaven! It’s a laser printer, scanner, fax and copier. And it’s all mine! The rest of the minions in the house can use the old printer, because this one is MINE.

But this right here was my best present of the day.IMG_5406Of course the one I got from my hubby was equally as good, but there was no one around to take a picture of it. Just use your imagination. But keep it clean…this is a family blog.

Thanks Molly and Tony for making this Older than 4 birthday so special. I love you!


Sandra said...

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I await news, ok?

Stacy said...

You are cracking me up. Who are these people commenting on your blog? Happy Birthday to my dear friend. Love you! (and your family!)