Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow…


If you know me at all, you know that I hate snow. No, let me restate that: I HATE snow. Actually it’s not the snow so much as it is the cold. But since snow never happens when its warm, it is just a visible reminder that it is cold outside. So I HATE it. I’m a hater.

You see the thing is, when it’s cold outside I get cold (duh). And not just cold, but COLD (My shift key is getting a workout today, isn’t it). Chilled to the bone, shivering, and teeth chattering cold. Fingers like icicles cold. Even when I go inside.

My core gets cold and for whatever reason my body has no ability to get warm again. Blankets don’t get me warm. Extra clothes don’t get me warm. Cuddling with my hubby or my baby might warm my heart, but even that won’t warm my body. It sucks.

My only remedy is to get a blanket and a space heater. I wrap up in my Snuggy (you know, the blanket with sleeves) leaving only a small opening near the floor. I shoot the space heater through the opening and sit there until I warm up, which takes a very long time.

Now, If I leave the comfort of my Snuggy for even a few minutes, I am cold again. This cycle can go on and on. Once I get a chill, it is often days before I am warm again. Seriously.

That’s why every year about this time I tell my husband, “Get me out of this God forsaken state, or I am leaving without you!” And that’s why my husband, in his infinite wisdom, books a mid-winter Florida vacation. God love him.

But this year is a little different. Remember that small, little, inexpensive trip to CHINA I look back in November? Well, I am guessing that trip is making my winter Florida get-away nothing but a dream. Sniff sniff. 

You may be asking yourself, “What prompted this long dissertation on Teri’s internal body temperature? Is this just a thinly veiled plea for sympathy?”

Oh, no my friends. It’s much more than that. I’ll show you. This is what happened today:IMG_1

Yes, that is snow. All over my driveway. And Molly and I were the only ones home to shovel it. Grrrrr. I hated every.single.minute.

Molly, on the other hand, was thrilled. Beyond belief actually. She even screamed because she was so giddy with joy. Whatever.IMG_2

Nobody should be smiling when forced to shovel snow, in my honest opinion.IMG_3But smiling she was, for the entire time. Sick freak Strange child.

Let’s see…what else is on my memory card today. Ahhhh, yes. Molly’s class read the Bible story of Joseph and the Coat of Many Colors. They started making their own coats at school but didn’t have time to finish. Molly spent the good part of one afternoon making her own stunning version. Joseph would be proud, I think.IMG_4192

And here’s a blurry view of the back.IMG_4193

Daddy’s birthday was last weekend. Molly made him this eye-catching star necklace made from popsicle sticks and pompoms. Lucky guy.IMG_4199

Here they are at the ceremonial singing of Happy Birthday.IMG_4200

Molly and Daddy blowing out the candles.IMG_4201

Molly has a friend who is turning 5 tomorrow. So on this oh-so-snowy day, she decorated this card for Mia. Don’t look Mia. You are not getting this until next week!IMG_4203

Here’s the back of the card. Oh my goodness. Can it get any cuter?IMG_4208

And finally, here is a zoo that Molly built for her animals. She told me to take a picture and put it on my blog, so here it is. Breathtaking, I know.IMG_4209If you look carefully on the right hand side of the picture, you will see a little arrow. Know what it’s pointing at? My space heater! Oh how I love you, my little space heater, giver of warmth and joy!

Stay Warm!


anSeL said...

i'm sorry for you of being so cold...
but molly is so cute!

mollylow said...

I always wanted to experience SNOW in my entire life....and I'm still waiting. I think Molly is the lucky one, she loves it and enjoyed it!