Thursday, September 16, 2010

I Love a Parade

Every September, our quaint little Midwestern town hosts the county fair. As far as county fairs go, its a pretty big deal. The kids even get a day off of school just so that they can attend.

We have lived in this quaint little Midwestern town for about 11 years and sadly, have never attended the fair. Not even on event. Pathetic, I know. But just like I am not a camping person or a farm person, I am not really a fair person either.

The kick off to the fair is the All Horse Parade. As the name implies it is a parade of horses. Lots of horses. Gobs and bunches and oodles of horses. And then they throw in a few more horses for good measure.

We have considered attending the parade the past few years because we knew that Molly would love it. But it was always during nap time and you just don’t mess with nap time.

Molly stopped napping months ago (boo hoo) and we had an invitation to a Horse Parade/Gotcha Day Party, so we finally took the plunge and headed off to the parade. And just like most other things I have avoided because it wasn’t my thing, I ended up really enjoying the day--more for the party than the parade, but the parade was pretty fun too. In a smelly horse kind of way.

So….on with the parade!

The first thing up was the All Horse Parade sign just in case you were unsure of what parade you were attending.IMG_3390 “A parade?  I love a parade!”IMG_3417“So, where are all of the horses?”IMG_3415 Ummm, no shortage of those, I promise you Molly!

There were great big horses.IMG_3398And itty-bitty horses. IMG_3420“Is that the best ya got?”IMG_3402How about horse driven carriages?IMG_3404  “Hey, what’s that noise?”IMG_3421“What’s that marching band doing in the All HORSE Parade?”IMG_3407  Now, back to the action…

There were horses with knights and horses with maidens.IMG_3418 And even a horse with a gypsy balancing a sword on her head while playing those little finger symbol thingies.IMG_3422But this is where it started getting good. Yes, it was the princesses on horse back. There was Jasmine…     IMG_3411 “And could it really be? Is that really who I think it is?”  IMG_3385 Snow White!! IMG_3412“Ooooh, this is a good parade!”IMG_3396Mattie, Tressa, Me and Molly enjoying the parade. Molly and Mattie were much more interested in finding more princesses than having their picture taken.IMG_3424

Now to the part Mom liked best: The party!

Miss Mattie Gail was celebrating her Gotcha. For those not in the adoption world, Gotcha Day is the day that our children were first placed in our arms. A very big deal! IMG_3379 Molly and Mattie Gail…two peas in a pod.IMG_3426 One of Mattie’s China travel mates, Maria, was also able to attend the party. We celebrated her Gotcha Day, as well.IMG_3429 Mmmmm, cake!IMG_3431 The post-sugar meltdown.IMG_3433

It really was a fun-filled day. Even my I’m-not-really-a-party-kind- of-guy husband had a good time.

Tressa, Alan and Mattie Gail: Thanks for including us in the fun!

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