Saturday, September 11, 2010

First Day of Preschool 4

Last year I was the rookie mom. I dressed Molly in a pair of shorts and a shirt that she had worn all summer, buckled her into her car seat and arrived at preschool.

Yes, I did.

No new first-day-of-school outfit. No new sparkly backpack. No comfort item to make her feel better if she got scared. Nothin’. Paint a big “L” for LOSER on my forehead. My lack of foresight was obvious as soon as I pulled in the parking lot. Rookie mom mistake.This year I was prepared:

  • New outfit. Check.
  • New sparkly back pack. Check.
  • Comfort item from home. Check.

What a difference a year makes.

Here’s Molly all ready to start the first day of Preschool 4.IMG_3249

A quick photo-op before heading down to her classroom.IMG_3254.1

Ready to start her first day in Red Room. IMG_3256Besides the obvious similarity to “Redrum” in the Jack Nicholson movie The Shining, which is disturbing enough, Molly’s preschool classroom (Red Room) is painted and tiled in red. As a former teacher let me say what a huge mistake someone made doing this. Do you have any idea how much the color red over stimulates kids? And this room is REALLY, REALLY red. Glad I’m not teaching in there!

Molly arrives and immediately shows her Snow White doll to just about anyone who will look in her direction.IMG_3266

She poses for a quick picture with her teacher (for the second year in a row), Mrs. Sivak. We love Mrs. Sivak!IMG_3270

Having the same teacher for a second year gives Molly a leg up. She knows all of the daily routines, like tracing her name on her name card each morning.IMG_3271

  Even though things are very familiar—same room, same teacher—Molly still looks a bit stressed. First day jitters, I guess.IMG_3272

Despite a little anxiety, she kisses me goodbye before I leave. It’s a little easier today because school only lasts an hour and mommies are right across the hall.Tomorrow she will go for the full time and I will be out shopping all alone!!!! of the building. We shall see how that goes!IMG_3273

Every once in a while I would sneak a peak through the classroom window to see what Molly was doing. Excuse the grainy, washed out pictures that were taken through glass while trying to avoid detection by my wee one who would probably come unglued if she saw me.

Molly checks out the dress up clothes…IMG_3275

and plays with pirate ship….IMG_3276

Before deciding to paint a masterpiece.IMG_3284

She worked on this diligently for quite a while. I ended up liking it so well that we framed it a put it on the end table of the family room! IMG_3285

After a bit, it was time for clean up--something my oh-so-anal daughter is very good at.IMG_3288

And then it was circle time. Last year she was sucking on her fingers by this point, so I guess she is feeling a bit more relaxed this year.IMG_3296

Finally, it is time to say goodbye and get one last hug from Mrs. S. What a great first day!IMG_3300

But wait. Mom drags her back inside for one last photo with both of her teachers.IMG_3302

I feel extremely blessed to have found this school. They love Molly and Molly loves them. They show so much compassion and understanding with Molly’s struggles and cheer her successes. The school’s environment is  due in large part to the director. Molly adores Mrs. Riley, and so do I. I just didn’t get my picture taken with her. But I still adore her, just the same.IMG_3304

Time to Celebrate!

Molly’s choice: An ice cream cone. Before lunch. Hey, it’s her day.IMG_3305

Molly always requests her ice cream to be in a cup. She eats like a turtle and knows it. On a typical day there is no way she can eat fast enough to get an entire cone done before it melts.

Giddy with first-day-of-school excitement, she decides to go for the cone. Yep, 4 1/2 years old and she is finally eating her first cone.

So far so good, but I see a few drips…IMG_3319

A little wipe with a napkin, and she is all good.IMG_3320

Note the circular licking technique. She is a fast learner.IMG_3324

This stuff makes tasty lipstick.IMG_3334

Just a little more to go…IMG_3343

All that is left is to finish up the cone …IMG_3350

And she’s done! Not even a drop on her dress, either. Told you she was anal!IMG_3357

A final hug for mom and it’s home for the post-school meltdown. I guess that’s what you get when you let your kid eat ice cream for lunch!IMG_3366 

Have a great year at preschool, my baby girl!

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