Monday, July 19, 2010

Summer Fun #4 Swimming

If you have read my previous Summer Fun posts, it may appear that we have a social calendar chocked full of activity and excitement: farms, splash parks, playgroups, ice cream at Mickey D’s, the zoo and hanging at the mall. Yeah, we’ve done all of those things, and had a great time doing every single one!

But my good friend Stacy politely pointed out that I have posted all of these once-in-a-while things and have neglected to post what we do almost 



Our normal daily schedule is to wake up, eat breakfast in our jammies, and pack the pool bag with lunch and fresh towels.  Then slather on the sunscreen, change into our swimsuits and drive to the pool. We stay all day and arrive home just in time to shower and eat dinner. Heck, some days we never even get dressed.

Our bronzed skin reflects the amount of time we spend in the sun. Before I hear about all of the negative effects of the sun’s damaging rays let me just say that we got those tans through 50 SPF sunscreen that is reapplied at regular intervals as recommended by the manufacturer on the package directions. Honest. I’m all about safety, baby.

My favorite spot at the pool is a lounge chair on the zero entry beach with my feet in the water, a frosty Diet Dr. Pepper in my hand, and my friend Stacy at my side.

Molly’s favorite spot is in the water. I swear the girl has gills. She is a fish.

Here’s a glimpse of my little Esther Williams. I am far too young to actually know who Esther Williams is, mind you; I only remember the name because that’s what my parents used to call me at the pool when I was a kid. Okay, I may have seen Esther once or twice on an AMC rerun or something, but I am definitely too young to really know who she is. Honest.

Molly at the ready, just waiting to perform her skills, stunts and tricks for you, the viewing audience.IMG_3063

Treading water…amazing isn’t it?IMG_3065

Backstroke..a little more impressive.IMG_3075

Freestyle…now we’re talking.IMG_3076

Breast stroke….okay, now she’s just plain showing off!IMG_3077

Moving on to stunts and tricks: Here’s Molly retrieving dive toys from the bottom of the pool.IMG_3078

And here’s the repertoire of fancy jumps into the pool. First is the classic feet-first jump.IMG_3079

And the split jump.IMG_3080

The helicopter jump which features a 180 degree turn in mid air. Impressive, I know.IMG_3081

And finally the spread eagle…Wahoo!IMG_3082

The next stunts are just too difficult to capture with still photographs. We must move to video!

Yes, Esther Williams would be proud, Molly!IMG_3088

We are rarely at the pool alone. As I said before, I am on that lounge chair next to my friend Stacy. Molly is in the water with her friend Mia and Mia’s siblings Max and Megan. For this I am eternally gratefully because if they weren’t there I would have to actually go in the water Molly wouldn’t have near as much fun.

Molly and Mia, best buddies!IMG_3095

Mia and Molly doing their best Michael Phelps impersonation.IMG_3098

Bathing BeautiesIMG_3109

Megan entertaining the girls. Love ya, Megan!IMG_3110

               Can I just say one more time: I LOVE SUMMER!


Stacy said...

I love the pictures! I may have to swipe them off the blog - ha! So, I'm saying "politely" thanks for the swimming post - ha!

See you @ the pool!

Michelle said...

I love summer too! Wish I had a chance to enjoy it, but we did go sailing yesterday! Mom and dad will LOVE the video!