Thursday, December 3, 2009

Sitting on Santa's Lap--Sorta

Molly's first Christmas home I dressed my sweet little girl in her holiday finest, drove her down to the mall, waited in line and then watched her wail, kick and scream when I tried to put her on Santa's lap.
Molly's second Christmas home I dressed my adorable toddler in her holiday finest, drove her down to the mall, waited in line and then watched her protest and shy away when I tried to put her on Santa's lap.
This year was going to be different, Molly insisted. "I am going to sit in Santa's lap this year," she proudly exclaimed. And darned if she didn't do it, too. For about 2 seconds.
But wait! This Santa visit was on a whim one day when we were at the mall. I did not have her in her holiday finest so that she could be photographed.
A week later, Molly donned her gay apparel and we headed back to the mall to capture the magic on film. And this time she sat on Santa's lap for about 20 seconds! Progress.
Whoop! Whoop!

Now I know what you are thinkin'.
Hey, Molly ain't sittin' on Santy Claus's lap.
You are correct, oh observant one.
Those pictures didn't turn out so well.
I mean a look of sheer terror on a three-year-old's face
doesn't exactly say Merry Christmas.
And as fate would have it, Molly was not about to sit
on the big guy's lap for a second round of pictures.
Heck, I was just happy that she agreed to
sit on the rocking horse next to Santa.
And I got to celebrate the Christmas tradition
of shelling out 30 bucks for some crappy
festive photographs of my child.
Joy to the World, the capitalists rein!
(At least for now.)
I didn't think that the horsie shot showed off
Molly's festive holiday outfit
in all of its adorable polka-dotty cuteness,
so we headed over to the big Christmas tree
for some additional photographs.
Now this is what I am talkin' about!
Does it get any sweeter than this?

Speaking of sweetness take a look at these pics...
Molly's friend Mia came over for the evening.
Molly was ecstatic because she got to share her things
with her best buddy
and because she got to dress up in princess dresses.
And it wasn't even Princess Monday. Score!

I am telling you, when these two are together,
they are so much fun to be around.
Giggles abound. Joyfulness fills the house.
And they do so many incredibly cute things
that I can hardly keep my camera shutter moving fast enough.

See what I mean!

And just when you think that I am finished showing off my kid...
here's a few candids.

This was another Golden Day at the zoo.
We had so much fun being together.
I wish I could bottle up these kind of days to save forever.

But I can't, so I photograph them and post them on my blog!

~Enjoy the Season~

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Stacy said...

Aww. Our girls are so cute! Thanks for watching Mia! Love the Santa pictures. Mia went yesterday and for the 1st time crawled up on his lap. I didn't have the kids decked out though..bad mom.