Thursday, December 24, 2009

A Christmastime Two-Fer

Go into any store this holiday season and you are guaranteed find of two-for-one sale. Well you my lucky reader are fortunate enough to qualify for the Holiday Two-for-One Blog! Who Hoo! It's twice the fun for the same low price so enjoy.

Blog 1: The Snowman

We don't often get snow before the first of the year here in our Midwestern town. As luck would have it, last Saturday we actually got about 1/32 of an inch. I mean look at the yard. There is still green grass poking out of the snow. That's one pathetic snowfall in the opinion of this Colorado transplant.

Molly, however, would not be deterred by this minor detail. She was going to build a snowman pokey-outy grass or not. I was fine with that, as long as I didn't have to participate in said event. I hate the snow. I hate the cold. I hate coats and boots and winter clothes. So if any snowman was going to be built, Dad would have to be in charge. I did manage to throw on a parka a few times and brave the inclement weather to snap a few pictures.

Dad teaching Molly the proper rolling technique.

Then offering a few sage pieces of advice.

Finally, Molly got to take over.
She is all about doing everything by herself.
Always has been.
Our Little Miss Independent.

The finished product.
Although impressive,
I like the snow bunny on the right
much better than the snowman on the left.

Blog 2: The China Friends Holiday Extravaganza

Our playroup had an amazing Christmas Party last week and Molly was so thrilled to be able to wear the panda outfit again. If you are counting, this is event #4 for this outfit. And for what it cost me, you might be seeing it in Christmas photos again next year!  Here are a few (ahem) pictures of the festivities:

Hello, Graceyn?
Party at your house?
I'll be right over!

And here's Graceyn, waiting for the party to start.

Molly and Megan looking adorable in their holiday duds.

Leave it to Molly to find the princess clothes
tucked away in the corner of the basement.
I think she may have had a little help from Princess Mia.

Who would have thought that a rotating stick
could be so much fun?

Chow time! 
Mac and Cheese, and it's not from a box.
This is one high class party!

Molly and Abby looking for Santa.

All of this fun and presents, too!

The wonderful, glorious, beautiful China Friends.
Love you girls.
Love you too, China Moms.

Stay tuned for the BIG CHRISTMAS EXTRAVAGANZA post coming to a blog near you.
Merry Christmas!

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