Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Big Christmas Extravaganza Post

Why a big Christmas Extravaganza Post, you ask? Why not just slap up a few cute opening presents in PJ’s pictures and be done with it?
Well, because there are two people about a thousand miles away that tell me that they live for this blog (Um, Hi Mom and Dad). If they didn’t get to see the blow-by-blow, every-hairy-detail account of Christmas, they just might start calling me more often be heart broken.

So here it is, folks; for better or for worse.
Our Christmas.
In excruciating detail.
Enjoy yourselves.
Twas the Night Before the Night Before Christmas:
Baking cookies for Santa, because quite frankly
who else would eat cookies manhandled by a three-year-old?

Twas the Day Before Christmas:
Decorating said cookies.
Although this looks like a joyous mother-daughter bonding tradition, I have to be honest…it wasn’t. Molly was decorating cookies like a three-year-old. I expected her to decorate cookies like a thirteen-year-old. See the problem?
Molly's shoveling of fistfuls of candy decorations into her mouth and her breaking cookies by trying to bury decorations inside the cookies was followed by me airing my frustrations loud enough for the neighbors to hear. 

Finally this part of Christmas was over. Thankfully Molly is forgiving and still loves me.

Here is the way all three of us spent
much of the time around the holidays:
Yep, every single one of us was sick.
 Molly got the worst of it, poor baby.
Still managed a smile though.
Must be the sugar buzz.

Here are the finished cookies.

And the ones that Molly picked out for Santa.

Twas the Night Before Christmas:
In keeping with our Christmas traditions, we donned pajamas (well Molly did anyway) and went to look at Christmas lights. Oh what fun we had looking at all of the displays.

Until Molly had a meltdown.
Sick kid, too much sugar, not enough sleep.
Bad, very bad.

Despite the meltdown, I was determined to continue on with our traditions because they are our traditions. You have to continue traditions. Right?

Putting out Reindeer Chow.

I thought we’d go out and sprinkle it on the lawn.
Molly cracked the door and dumped it on the front porch.
Aaaah, traditions.

More traditions…
Putting out milk and cookies for the big guy in red.

And eating even more sugar right before bed.

Still more traditions:
Reading Twas the Night Before Christmas.
And it’s Donder, folks, not Donner.
 Look it up if you want.

Twas the Morning of Christmas!
Oooooh, Santa came!

All for me? Right on, Santa!

No, you your eyes do not deceive you. Santa actually brought Molly a Princess dress. If you have read previous posts, you know that Molly has a few issues with princesses and that we had to take steps to limit Princess Dress time in our house.

I justified this gift by the fact that I am getting rid of the 4 other princess dresses that are down in the basement. Net decrease in dresses = 3. Yep, I did a whole lot of justifying this holiday…read on.

Molly on her new scooter giving the princess pose.
She has never seen a princess movie. Ever.
So how did she learn this pose?
Easy….her Cinderella underwear.

Don’t believe me? See for yourself:

Safety First: Always wear a helmet.
And give a princess pose.

Yes, that’s a Mulan Barbie. And yes, I bought a Barbie. I feel dirty just writing it. But I justified it by the fact that she is in traditional Chinese dress, and she is a strong woman. She don’t need no stinkin’ prince on a white horse to save her. Or a Ken doll in a pink Corvette.

Aw h*ll. If you let her have one Barbie,
what does another hurt?
I didn’t give her this one, by the way.
This was an Aunt Shell special.

Just had to prove that Dad was in the room!

Molly with her Christmas loot.

Christmas Breakfast of Pumpkin Pancakes with whipped cream.
Molly requested a bib as to not soil her princess dress.

Apparently the pancakes were a hit.

One last princess pose.
Can never have too much of a good thing.

The stockings were hung by the Chimney with care.

And apparently contained more princess paraphernalia.
Walt Disney you evil, evil man.
Marketing genius, but evil nonetheless.

So there it is.
Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night!
Hope you enjoyed our day (Mom and Dad).

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