Monday, May 25, 2009

World Class Sleeper

If sleeping was an Olympic sport, Molly would win a gold medal. Multiple gold medals. Heck, she would be the Michael Phelps of her sport.

Molly has plenty of other issues, but sleeping is not one of them. She sleeps 10 hours each night and naps for 3 hours every and every afternoon. You put her into her bed, read a book, sing a song or two, flip on the CD player and head out the door. She sleeps.

I am a lucky, lucky woman-- I realize this. I dread the day when nap time shortens or (*gasp*) disappears altogether. Here’s Molly participating in several different sleep events…earning gold for each one!
Here she is narrowly edging out Baby to win the overnight back slumber.
Here she is taking first place in the forty wink sidestroke (hand tuck position).
And another victory in the forty wink sidestroke (finger suck position).
Amazingly enough, she even emerges victorious with a sinus infection (note the open mouth to aid breathing during slumber).
Here's Molly beating the competition in the one arm napstroke.
And finally a recent triumph in the two arm afternoon siesta.

When it comes to sleeping, Molly is truly in a league of her own. Hurray Sleep!

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