Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Make New Friends But Keep the Old

Okay. I'm breaking out the old Girl Scout song here, but the title fits. You see, Molly has a new friend...Meet Miss Gabriella, or Abby for short.How stinkin' cute is she? She just came home from China a few weeks ago. Let me tell you, she is a spitfire. This kid has personality plus!

But wait, there is still the old friend, Miss Alexandria, aka Alex. Molly has known Alex for two years and has played with her on many occasions. Here's the fun part....Abby is Alex's new little sister!
Well, not quite so little. Abby is only 8 months younger than Alex. Yep, my friend Faye is certifiably crazy. She has two three year old daughters! Holy Moly, I don't know how she does it.
We met up with Faye and her daughters last week for a play date at a local ice cream shop. Here's the photographic evidence that ice cream was actually consumed on the premises:

Note the nice, clean pink shirt and face in this photo, because it is the last you'll see of it!

Molly had a wonderful time meeting her new friend, Abby and playing with her old friend, Alex.

And as you can see, Mommas with Cameras were not far behind.

Molly and I are looking forward to more playtime with these two crazy girls and their mother throughout the summer months. Now here's little Abby to bid you farewell. See...I told you she had personality!

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