Monday, August 20, 2012

Meet the Teacher

After a summer that seemed to fly by at record speed, Molly’s school brought us back to the reality that life is not one continual vacation. Although one can always hope.

A robocall last week informed us that Meet the Teacher day would soon be upon us, and today was that day. So ready or not, here it comes!

We prepared very early this year by purchasing school supplies in July. I learned my lesson last year as a rookie Kindergarten mom. You must buy school supplies an entire month before school starts if you don’t want to run around to 18 stores looking for something that is sold out at How crazy is that?

Even at my advanced age, I still love brand new school supplies. All those pointy pencils with perfect erasers, brand new unbroken crayons, markers and glue sticks that aren’t dried out. Reminds me of my childhood. The hand sanitizer and  disinfecting wipes, on the other hand were really part of that memory. We reveled in our germy-ness, I guess!

Molly also enjoys her school supplies. This is the last that she will see of them, however. They all go into a communal stockpile for the entire classroom to use. Another example of how schools are turning our children into little socialists children who can share. IMG_9434

At our assigned time, we met up with Molly’s neighborhood friends Allison and Max and entered the school.IMG_9436

Once inside her classroom, Molly quickly found her desk, toured the room, turned in her school supplies and…IMG_9438

…met her new teacher! IMG_9440Doesn’t she look nice?  She seems like a very good fit for Molly.

Sam couldn’t be left out of the action and wanted a picture with Molly’s teacher, too!IMG_9441

After we left the classroom, the kids were encouraged to tour the school. Having gone here last year, there really wasn’t a lot of touring that needed to be done. Just sayin’.IMG_9442

So we cut things a bit short and headed to a local yogurt shop. There is always a lot of touring that needs to be done there!IMG_9444


And because summer is quickly coming to a close, one more trip to the pool seemed to be in order!IMG_9600


Yep, school’s great, but we are sooo going to miss summer!

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