Thursday, August 23, 2012

First Day of First Grade

First there were the years that Molly cried.

When Molly started preschool, leaving Mommy and embarking on something new and different was an angst-filled time with tears and drama. We had to role play leaving Mommy in our living room for days prior to the start of school. We had to take pictures of school and incorporate them into individualized books about Going to School  as we prepared for the inevitable shift. We had to praise, cajole, bribe and whatever we could think of to help in the transition.

And then there was the year that I cried.

After two years of preschool, Molly surprised me by being excited for Kindergarten. I was even more shocked on the first day of school when instead of drama she gave me a kiss, a hug, a smile, a little wave, and then turned and walked down the hallway to her Kindergarten class

This time it wasn’t her crying. It was me. I could hardly utter the word Kindergarten with out getting teary. Because this was it. My baby was going to school. Real school. And there was no turning back. There was never again going to be a time where I got to spend day in and day out with my girl at my side.

But this year is the year of the cheer!

Over the summer I realized that all of the day in and day out with my girl at my side nonsense routine would indeed return every year in the form of summer vacation. And I have also come to realize that while the fact that the summer day in and day out with my girl at my side is good, school is sometimes better!

Not saying that I don’t love my girl wildly-because I do-its just that Molly is a child of routine. Vacations and siblings and spontaneous outings, while fun, are not structured and not really Molly’s strongest suit.

So this year was the year of the cheer. Hip Hip Hooray! School is starting!

Hooray for routines! Hooray for 6 year olds eating in the cafeteria! Hooray for the bus that delivers my precious child to school for 7 hours of routine heaven every single day!

She is happier. I am happier. Life is good.

I have to preface this by saying that having Molly in school full time would not have been near as easy without another little one at home. I am a mom. I need to mother. And have someone to boss around. Besides, while 7 hours a day without mothering sounds delightful on the surface, it would be a difficult adjustment. And who on earth would I take pictures of all day?

Oh, a speaking of pictures…here are a few of the first day of school. Hip hip hooray!

Did I already say that?

Looking oh-so-stylish with her Pinkalicious backpack.IMG_9454

Not saying #1…Saying FIRST GRADE, BABY!IMG_9470

Bye Mom!IMG_9473

Sam has no clue what school is but he is cheerful nonetheless. Love that boy!IMG_9476

More 1st day cuteness.IMG_9479

Molly looks a little sleepy…she is my stay up late gal.IMG_9481

Sam is raring to go. He’s my up and at ‘em boy!IMG_9483

Max and Molly…another year of bus stop fun.IMG_9485

Getting on the bus. Buh bye!

Ummm, I mean have a great day at school, sweetie!IMG_9487

Okay, I’m so busted. While Molly got on the bus, I sprinted to the car so that I could beat her to school and get pictures of her getting off of the bus. Mamarazzi at its finest.IMG_9488

A final good bye from Sam.IMG_9489

And then into the Halls of Knowledge.IMG_9490

A scant 7 hours later and Molly is returning home. Day 1 as a First Grader is in the bag!IMG_9495

A little gift awaits Molly at home. (Molly specifically requested the roll of tape. Seems the 500 rolls that she has gone through this year aren’t quite enough.)IMG_9496

One happy 1st Grader.IMG_9497

Apparently being in first grade in not too old for a freakishly weird unicorn stuffed animal/night light combination.IMG_9500Enjoy your time in First Grade Miss Molly.

We love you very much and are so proud of the smart and confident girl you have become!

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