Sunday, March 11, 2012

I Like To Ride My Bicycle!

Molly was really ready to ride her two wheeler last year. She had the balance. She had the strength. She had the coordination.

But she didn’t have the height.

Molly’s bike was just a wee bit too big so she couldn’t touch the ground when she sat on the seat. Every time that we tried to take the training wheels off, she would freak. The bike was too tippy and she couldn’t put her feet down and touch terra firma.

This year it’s a different story. She’s bigger. Big enough to touch the ground!

After we got home from Abby’s party (see previous post), Molly asked to get her bike out. Then she asked to have the training wheels removed. And low and behold, look what happened!

On the very first go at it, Molly was up….IMG_8694

and running. Well, riding!IMG_8695

Two problems. She didn’t know how to turn and she didn’t know how to stop. Luckily there was some soft grass to land in.IMG_8696

A quick lesson on turning and stopping and she was back at it.IMG_8697

But she still didn’t get the stopping and turning thing. Oh well, more soft grass for landing.IMG_8698

Eventually she did figured out how to brake and turn her bicycle. Now there was no stopping her!IMG_8699IMG_8700IMG_8701IMG_8702IMG_8703IMG_8704

Sam wanted in on the action, as well. He rode Molly’s old scooter.IMG_8708

He rolled right down the driveway like a champ. On a pink and purple princess scooter.IMG_8706

Dang, if he the cutest thing around!IMG_8710

Molly, we are so proud of you! You are such a big girl now!IMG_8711

And Sam, we promise to man up your world really soon. When you are old enough, you will not be learning to ride a two wheeler on the bike pictured above. Scouts honor.IMG_8715

And for those of you thinking, why didn’t Teri video tape this action packed event? Well I did. I am just too lazy busy to download it and slap it on YouTube. I will try to get this, and a few other videos up in the near future. (Just so you know that means in the next month or two. With two kids near future takes on a whole new meaning.)

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