Sunday, March 11, 2012

Abbydoo Turns Six!

IMG_8650Molly’s sweet little friend Abby recently turned six, so today we headed back to our old hometown to celebrate. Abby had a bowling party and wow, did the kids have fun! Who’da thought?

Molly couldn’t wait to get started. She grabbed her ball and flung it down the lane. IMG_8653

She was a natural. Look at where that ball is heading! Of course it did hit the bumpers once or twice before it hit the pins but she looks pretty good to me.IMG_8655

Sam wanted in on the action so badly and I had to keep telling him that this was a game for the big kids. IMG_8660

Molly offered to help him bowl. This was such a big step for her. She usually wants everything for herself and definitely wants to make sure that she has more than baby brother. So when she made the offer, I let the two of them bowl together. IMG_8665

That’s all it took for Sam. He was hooked. Throwing a ball across the room to knock down pins at the other end. What is not to like? It has all of his favorite things. Balls, action, noise, destruction. Repeat.IMG_8670

Just look how happy he is.IMG_8671

Sam and Molly bowled frame ….IMG_8673

after frame, after frame together.IMG_8674

And in the end Molly ended up with the high score!IMG_8675

Like any good party there was food. IMG_8677


And a little birthday cake.IMG_8681

Look who’s sneaking and peeking at the cake.IMG_8685


A two hour trip back home with two kids coming off of a sugar high. This ought to be fun.IMG_8689

Group shot at the end of the party.IMG_8691We had a blast celebrating your birthday with you Abbydoo! You are such a sweetheart of a girl. Hope you have a great year being six!

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