Saturday, March 26, 2011

Just When You Thought It Was Safe To Go Back On The Blog…..

Yep, the party girls are back! When you have a lot of friends you have a lot of parties to attend. What can I say?

This one was for sweet little Abby-Doo. She is such a laid back, easy going, happy-go-lucky girl.

And here she is, the guest of honor. Abby turned 5 a few days after Molly.IMG_1

And here is one of the party goers. Laid back? Happy-go-lucky? Easy going? Well maybe not, but still one of my favorite gals around!IMG_2

And here is the rest of the gang. IMG_3

Abby’s party was at a local gymnastics studio. There were games to play….IMG_4IMG_5968

And apparatus to play on.IMG_5971

Molly even pulled out one of her favorite party tricks. “Hey Chloe, look! My feet are transparent!” (You may have to enlarge picture to see transparent feet)IMG_5972It looks like Chloe was more grossed-out than impressed!

After an hour of full-on fun, it was time to eat.

Molly and Elizabeth waiting for chow.IMG_5974

A little snuggle with the birthday girl.IMG_5975

It’s amazing how quiet the kids were during lunch.IMG_5980I think all of that playing gave them one heck of an appetite!

Molly just loves a good kid’s party, and ya know what? So do I!

Happy 5th Birthday Abby-Doo!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring, At Last!

At least for now!

Last week’s warmer temperatures had us outside enjoying the fresh air. Everyday it wasn’t raining, you could find us playing in the sunshine.

On Friday, I picked Molly up from school and surprised her with a trip to the park. First visit of the season. Molly was beyond thrilled! She ran from place to place, visiting all of her favorite things.

I just happened to have my purse camera with me and was able to document some of the fun:IMG_5748IMG_5752IMG_5753IMG_5755

The week before last, Molly’s preschool hosted a Dad’s Night. Unfortunately, Dad was out of town all week. Molly was devastated. Well, maybe not devastated, but she was pretty upset. She missed the Sing-Along with the music teacher, Miss Annie, and the reptile guy who brought all kinds of cool slithery, slimy things for kids and dads to touch.

When Tony came home, Molly and I had a Father/Daughter Day all planned out. There was no reptile guy or sing-alongs but the two of them did get to spend the day together, no Mom’s allowed (somehow I managed to get by all alone at home! *grin*).

Molly and Daddy went to a movie—Gnomeo and Juliet—then out to lunch. Apparently Molly wasn’t a big fan of the movie and they left before it ended. She was, however, a big fan of lunch. Once again, she picked Panera for her Dad’s Day lunch. She just loves her chicken soup with a baguette for dunking.

She came home with a smile on her face and proclaimed that her dad was waaaay better than the reptile guy. Aaawwww! Ain’t she sweet?IMG_5758



Saturday, March 19, 2011

Soccer, The Zoo, and Ceramics Too!

A couple of months ago, Molly was at gymnastics. I was up in the balcony talking with my friend Christine watching her train. With my undivided attention, I was keenly aware of every move she made.

All of a sudden I heard her cry. A mother knows her own child’s cry above any noise. Molly’s is, well, distinctive. Loud might be a better word. Very loud. Loud enough to make EVERYONE stop. And stare. Including people in the parking lot.

When she finally made eye contact with me she shouted at the top of her lungs, “I HATE gymnastics! And I hate scrambled eggs, too!” (OK, the scrambled egg thing made me fall off my seat with laughter…can you say random?)

It took me a few weeks, but I finally got to the bottom of the situation. Molly thought that one of her coaches didn’t like her. Being the emotional soul that she is, she couldn’t handle to perceived rejection. She could not figure a way to solve her problem, so she decided to hate gymnastics.

I helped her work through her issue with the coach. I gave her lots of different strategies to try  and eventually Molly was satisfied with the outcome. Within a few weeks she was happily tumbling across the gym once again. And she was eating scrambled eggs again, too.

Even though the situation was solved, it did give me reason to pause. Molly has been doing gymnastics since she was about two. Maybe it was time to try another sport.

Now that spring has sprung (sort of) here in the Midwest, Molly decided to give soccer a go, while still hanging onto gymnastics for a while longer. We will see where her interests lie and go from there.

Molly was thrilled beyond belief when I signed her up for soccer with her best friend, Mia. She even go to got pick out brand new soccer shoes and soccer shorts. Be still her little pink heart!

Here’s my girl in action at soccer class….

Obligatory first-day-at soccer-class picture.IMG_5900

Molly and best friend Mia vying for the ball.IMG_5905

The look of pure joy. I’m not sure if she loves soccer or her ultra-hip, pink and black soccer shoes.IMG_5906

More best friend cuteness.IMG_5907IMG_5911IMG_5913Yes, soccer class was a success. Until the end. You know things couldn’t wrap up all neat and tidy. Not with my girl.

As a final activity, the kids played a game with the coach called Sharks and Minnows. In this game the kids are the minnows and they run around the arena. The coach is the shark and he kicks balls at them. If the ball touches them the are out and have to sit down.

Well, when the coach saw an open line to Molly he kicked the ball in her direction. Maybe jus a tad too hard. Okay, maybe more than a tad. It was one of those shots where the ball hits flesh with a resounding THUD. Ouch.

Yes, there were tears. And yes, I heard the words, “I HATE soccer!” but so far she is still cool with scrambled eggs.

Later in the week, the clouds parted, the rain stopped and it got up to 67 glorious degrees. Molly and I met Faye and her two cuties, Alex and Abby, at the zoo.

These girls were on go-go-go mode all day long. Not sure if it was the great weather or having the chance to play together, but they ran everywhere Four hours of nothing but high energy frolicking and fun.

Striking a pose before we began our day.IMG_5916

We should have had a clue about how the day would go when the first thing to catch their attention was the storm drain.IMG_5918

We were at the zoo all day but saw precious few animals. The girls were just having too much fun being silly and playing games to be bothered with looking at animals.IMG_5921IMG_5928IMG_5930IMG_5931

Ahhh, yes. Cuteness abounded.IMG_5935IMG_5936IMG_5940

I love this set of pictures. Little Abby-doo was hiding during an impromptu game of hide-and seek. She is so pleased with herself for picking this hiding spot.IMG_5942

And laughed hysterically when she was found. They all did. That was our day. Three girls had enough laugher to fill up the entire zoo.IMG_5943

And plenty of photo-ops for camera happy mommies.IMG_5946

Faye and I commented on how lucky we were that our girls were part of our amazing group. They have played together since they were still in diapers. They are more like sisters than friends. They have a love for each other that runs deep. Makes our mommy-hearts sparkle. IMG_5951And Molly never said, “I HATE the zoo!” Not even once.

Finally, the week ended with Chinese class and a playgroup outing. This trip was to a paint-your-own-pottery store. Each girl picked out a ceramic piece that totally suited her personality.

Molly, of course, picked a glass slipper. Always my princess.IMG_5954

Getting directions and supplies…IMG_5956

The girls in action.IMG_5957

And of course there was plenty of time to play, as well.IMG_5959IMG_5960

And so ends a big week in our little neck of the woods. Loving the springtime weather and all of our good friends! And even liking gymnastics and soccer, too.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Can You Stand One More Party Post?

How about two? In one day. Is that pushing it? What if if I told you that only one of them was for Molly.Would that be easier to take?

Yes, it was a new week, and a new excuse to party.

Let’s start with Little Miss Emily’s party. Emily is part of Molly’s playgroup and the girls have played together for the past three years. There was no way we were going to miss her party, even if I had a houseful of company show up at my doorstep before I got home.

Here’s the 6-year-old birthday girl looking oh-so-cute!IMG_5831The theme for this party was American Girl, as in American Girl dolls. Molly was thrilled that she got to bring her new AG Bitty Twins with her to the soirĂ©e.

Throughout the party there were various activities designed for the girls and their dolls to do together.

Here’s Molly doing the runway walk during the Mommy/Baby fashion show.IMG_1

There was also cheerleading…IMG_2

…and dancing in bubbles.IMG_3Molly and her dolls had fun, although the boy twin sat with me for most of the party. It was kind of  a girl thing and he was feeling a bit out of place.

I did convince him to join his sister for the tea party. He agreed, but I think he just did it for the cupcake.IMG_4T

here was plenty of other fun to be had at the party like decorating goody bags!IMG_5

And hanging out with good friends.IMG_6

One final picture of the girls and their dolls before we were out the door….IMG_7and heading for party #2!

For her birthday, Molly had a party with her friends, celebrated again with the kids at school and had an entire day dedicated to her every wish. Seems like that should be enough, no? Absolutely not, if you asked Molly!

She needed just one more party in order to celebrate turning five with her family! So immediately after Emily’s party we headed home to party one! more! time!

We started out the evening with Chinese Food—Molly’s yearly birthday request. Yum!

Molly was thrilled to have cousins Matt and Allie help her open gifts.IMG_5859

Some books from Mom (once a teacher, always a teacher).IMG_5861

This was the one gift Molly HAD to have. It’s a pointer like her teachers use in her classroom. Funny, the things kids want!IMG_5863

Molly got these cool travel games from Auntie Molly and Uncle Eli. They will come in so handy on one of our many road trips.IMG_5866

Chinese clothes for the Bitty Twins.IMG_5867

A super cool game from Aunt Karen and Uncle Jeff.IMG_5868

The much coveted princess t-shirt from Grandmom.IMG_5871

Princess beach towel from Allie and Matt.IMG_5873

Woo Hoo!  A Wii Game System from Grandma, Grandpa and Aunt Shel! Molly calls it her “V.” Apparently she must have some German in her somewhere.IMG_5877

Grandmom gave her a princess game for the “V.” Yes, she is still into princesses but things have backed off from the previous princess obsession. Thank goodness.IMG_5881

Mom and Dad came through with a PINK controller for the “V”…IMG_5882

…as well as another game. IMG_5884

Uncle Jack hit the mark with all of her favorites: Pinkalicious, a “V” game and Dinosaur Train DVD. IMG_5883

Then it was time for the cake. If you are keeping track this is Molly’s third cake! Somehow I don’t think she minds.IMG_5889

Hope all of your wishes come true, sweet baby girl!IMG_5892

The next morning I realized that I didn’t take any pictures with most of the people at the party. Bad Mommy! I was lucky enough to get a few with Grandmom and Uncle Jack before they headed for home.IMG_5893IMG_5896IMG_5899

Okay, so that’s it. We’re done with parties. D.O.N.E. ….at least for for this year!