Friday, March 12, 2010

#3 A Week Later and We Are Still Partying!

Sunshine and puppy dogs.
I promised you sunshine and puppy dogs.
So here's the post.
Not a tear in sight.
Actually, there were tears once,
but were not going there today.
Today is sunshine and puppy dogs.

Molly had her Fancy Nancy party
 that morphed into her princess party.
Molly had her actual birth day celebration.
But Molly had yet to party with her extended family,
so another party was added to the calendar.

Luckily it was the week after the other two celebrations
so I could just keep up the original decorations!
It's the little things in life that make me happy.

So, let's get this party started....

That's what you experience when you are four
and you are launching ballons from the second floor balcony
onto unsuspecting guests.

That's what you experience when you are eating dim sum.

That's what you experience when you are opening birthday gifts.

As you can see, Miss Molly was once again lavished with
a bounty of beautiful birthday booty
 from her family.

Leapster Game
(I am still trying to justify to myself that this is not a video game
because my kid is not going to play video games!
 Leapster is not a video game, right?)

Princess Gear
(just look at that smile!)

(Molly especially loved the shirt because
 it was full enough to pull out just like a princess does!

Princess Puzzles
(Walt Disney must have died a very rich man. Just saying.)

Another Leapster Game
(This is not a video game,
This is not a video game,
This is not a video game.)

(Molly just loves to make projects,
so guess who else loves projects?
At what age does that independent, do-it-yourself stage start?)

(Be still my heart.
See my kid on a bicycle-my passion-brings tears to my eyes.
Is there anything more beautiful?)

That's what you experience when you bite
into a white chocolate mousse cake covered in fudge.
The Chinese bakery seriously rocks!
As you can see, Molly agrees:

That's what you experience when you take your first pedal stroke,
each and every time you throw your leg over your bike.
Believe me, I know.

See, told ya.
Rainbows and puppy dogs.

Happy Birthday Molly!
(now stop growing up so fast)

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Anonymous said...

Get ready for that independent streak to kick in. Joelle's has been in full force for about 6 months now. She picks her clothes out; she picks her books out; she does her own "art"; she cuts her food. She even announced that when she starts skating this weekend like big-sister Jonna, she "Will not hold anyone's hand." She will "Not fall down!" Yikes!
Happy birthday Molly!
Kathy K