Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Purse Camera

For several years we have owned a SLR camera. It’s big and bulky, has all sorts of fancy functions, and well...I will probably never know how to really use it. I mean I can snap a decent picture in auto mode, but that’s about it.
For some time I have really wanted a little purse camera. One that is small and light, easy to carry, and takes a decent picture. That way I am not toting around the behemoth camera everywhere I go. I can be more spontaneous. I can be free. I can have fun.
So off I go went Best Buy, with the gift certificates that my husband won in a golf outing, to buy myself a new purse camera. I ended up with this. Since I used Tony’s gift certificates to purchase my new purse camera, and because he may use it from time to time, I even compromised and got the blue one instead of the pink one that I really wanted. Marriage is all about compromise.

My new purse camera doesn’t disappoint. It is small, light and easy to carry. Ahem, it also has all sorts of fancy functions and well...I will probably never know how to really use it. But I can snap a decent picture in auto mode so it's all good.
Here are few pics that I was able to take with my new blue purse camera (that I wish was pink) when I spontaneously whipped it out of my bag. Oh, the freedom! Oh, the fun!

Here's a novel picture. Molly at the playground.
Ah, but this was taken with the purse camera
(that I wish was pink).

More cuteness at the park.

Molly and I met two of my former students
and their mothers for lunch.
Normally, I wouldn't have lugged
my camera to this outing,
but now I have the purse camera
(that I wish was pink)! Wahoo!

Molly received a great report from her teachers
at parent/teacher conferences.
We celebrated at Molly's favorite donut shop
and of course, she got the cookie that's as big as her head.

The one noted comment at conferences
is that she is very prolific in her discussions
about princesses. No joke.
They told me that she talks about princesses

Here's Molly's new favorite hairdo.
She calls it her Chinese hair.
I think it looks more like Heidi hair.
Well, except Molly's hair is black not blonde.
 And Molly is Chinese, not Swiss.

Cookie Face.

Molly was recreating the voyage of the Mayflower
in the back of the van while I was cleaning it out today.
She had to "hold on tight so she wouldn't fall off the boat."

Here's our favorite Pilgrim disembarking from the Mayflower.

And like any seasoned traveler, as soon as she's off
she whips out her cell phone...

and starts returning calls.

I guess we have to work on that whole timeline thing.
Sorry Molly, minivans, cell phones and sunglasses
were discovered waaaaaay after
the Pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock.

So was the purse camera.

That I wish was pink.

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