Thursday, November 5, 2009

Chloe's Clippity-Cloppin' 5th Birthday Party!

Meet Sweet Little Chloe.
She turned 5 last Sunday,
and she had a party to celebrate.
But not just any party...
This party had ponies!
Real, live ponies!

Can we ride them?
Just like the princesses do?

First of three pony rides.
Molly really wanted to ride side saddle,
just like Snow White.
Mommy had other ideas...
like face forward and HOLD ON!

Look at this cutie.
The pony, I mean.
Yes, Molly is standing next to
a real teeny-tiny little pony.

A few of the kids with the guests of honor
(Chloe and the pony, of course).

Molly, Abby and Alex waiting for
Chloe to blow out her candle...
so the can start eating their cupcakes, of course.

I think that I will take my time
and let those girls really work up an appetite!

Finally, the cupcake moment.
Pure bliss!

Happy Birthday, Chloe!
Your party rocked!

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