Monday, November 19, 2007

Tis the Season for Giving

Tony gave it to Molly. Molly got it and gave it to me. Now I've got it, too. Unfortunately the thing that everyone in our family is giving to each other is a cold.

I got a case of laryngitis with my cold. Tony got a chest full of congestion. Molly got another sinus infection. Well, that won't be diagnosed until we go to the doctor in about an hour, but look at her poor face. Her sinuses are so swollen it doesn't even look like her. Yikes!

We will be hunkering down at the ol' homestead for a few days, trying to recover before Thanksgiving. The pot of chicken soup is already on the stove.

Here's my question...Tony and I look like death warmed over now that we are sick. How can Molly still look so stinking cute? Ahhh, If only I could be young again.

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