Saturday, November 10, 2007

The Things That You Don't Want Them to Learn

Why is it that the things you do want your kids to learn you can teach a bazillion times and they never seem to get it, and the things that you don't want them to learn they figure out on their own in about 5 seconds?

Hey look, Daddy's outside.

I think I'll join him. Now, how am I going to get out there?

Let's see... All I've got to do is pull this chair over to the door to stand on....

...flip the deadbolt....

...turn the knob and I am outta here!

1 comment:

Frances Lin said...

Actually, most of the things parents don't want kids to "learn", we already know. It's instinct. Kids are all born with it (drive parents crazy, I should know). ;)

Your darling student from 3rd Grade, Frances

P.S. I can always give Molly tips on how to use loopholes in the rules you'll give her. :)
P.P.S. Or I can just teach her. :D