Thursday, August 23, 2007

Feeling the Love

Ever since we were in China, Molly has demanded that we hold her facing out. When I say demanded, I mean it. If you picked her up so that she faced you, she would twist, push, squirm or as a last resort, scream until she was facing outward. Everyone told me that she was just curious. She needed to see what was going on in the world. It was just her personality.

I insisted that it was more than that. My gut told me that it was an attachment thing. I worked and worked with Molly so that she would face me when I held her. During the first four months I met with little success. I wasn't overly concerned, after all she would make eye contact with me, she would run to me for protection, she would be mildly upset if I left the room. She didn't even want anyone else to hold her except for Tony and me. Those were all good signs that she was attaching.

But still I had this nagging feeling that Molly wasn't there yet. I felt that she thought of us a really good nannies, but hadn't really bought into the whole you're my parents thing. Once again, people told me I was crazy. She looked very attached to us.

A couple of weeks ago something changed. Molly started to let us hold her inward. We could carry her around and she cared more about looking at us than her surroundings. Even better, she would cuddle in on our shoulders and give us hugs. We're feeling the love, baby!

As a parent, there has been nothing better than feeling my child give me love. I literally melt with every snuggle.

This brings us to part 2 of this post...time for a pop quiz!

Question 1:
What do Molly (my sweet, adorable and loving daughter) and Worf (an alien character from the hit series Start Trek Voyager) have in common?
They are both Klingons. Well, Worf is a Klingon, Molly is a Cling-on!

Now that we've moved into the Feeling the Love part of our relationship, I am the center of Molly's universe. It's all about the momma. I must carry her everywhere I go, and I do mean everywhere! The days of going to the bathroom alone or cooking a meal without velcro baby attached to my hip are a thing of the past.

Molly will play by herself for a few minutes, but the second I attempt leave the room I hear the sound of baby footsteps followed by the ankle grab and the pathetic please pick me up look. For a lot people this might be kind of annoying. But ya know, after two grueling years of waiting for this child, it feels like heaven to me. So cling-on baby, cling-on! (I wonder if I will ever go to the bathroom alone again?)

Question 2:
What do I (your average 43 year old stay at home mom) and Arnold Schwarzenegger (Five time Mr. Universe, actor, and Governor) have in common?

Now that I spend so much time carrying my daughter, I am as muscular as Ah-nold! Slight exaggeration, but good-golly am I getting pumped up.

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Michelle said...

As a vetern of the clingon process and also the Arnold effect, I gotta warn you. One side is more strengthened than the other. As a fellow lefty, you will hold child with right, do EVERYTHING else with left. Right side becomes buff from holding baby weight, left side, not so much! LOL!