Friday, August 3, 2007

Born to Ride

It's never to early to start brain washing your child. Today was the first round of the "You will love to ride a bike" mind control plan that I have ingeniously constructed to mold my daughter into a rider.

I have a love affair with the bicycle. Before I met Tony I often joked that I was going to marry my bike. Ultimately I decided that Tony was actually better than my bike, so I married him instead. He is very good to me. So good in fact that he bought me more bikes, better bikes, the bikes of my dreams.

My passion for cycling runs deep. I have commuted to work on my bike, raced my bike, rode my bike with friends, rode my bike with strangers and rode my bike alone. I have hit wildlife with my bike (on accident), momentarily dozed off while riding my bike and got pulled over by the highway patrol while on my bike.

Now that I have a daughter, I am intent on turning her into a rider. I need a new riding buddy and can't wait to get her on two wheels. Today I took her to my favorite bike store, ran by my favorite cycling buddy. We taught Molly the finer points of proper bicycle fit and discussed the advantages and disadvantages of titanium, carbon fiber and steel. We even tried to get her to say Serotta Ottrott with Dura Ace.
I know that I have to let my child discover her own passions. She may decide to be a soccer player, or a pianist, or a cheerleader (gasp) . I honestly don't care what she what she decides to pursue (as long as she rides a bike too...just kidding...sort of!).

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