Sunday, December 4, 2011

December 1 = 1st Day of the Advent Calendar!

And Molly had been waiting not so patiently for the day to arrive. Here she is poking her head through the upstairs railing confirming the date before she is even out of her PJ’s.IMG_6879(Note to self: babyproof the upstairs railing before baby actual arrives…yikes!)

This year Molly actually has two advent calendars. The first one is the Advent Village which is around the base of the tree in the picture. We’ve had this one for several years and it definitely one of Molly’s favorite Christmas traditions.

Each day Molly opens a numbered door on a village house to reveal her surprise. It is my job to come up with clever little gifts for each day. For 24 days. That’s a whole lot of being clever. Just sayin’.IMG_6880

The new calendar for this year was given to Molly by her friend Max (pictured above). Max’s mom is from Germany, and she got a traditional German Advent Calendar for Molly. This one has a festive holiday scene. Little doors open each day to reveal a piece of chocolate.IMG_6881

See, here’s Molly with her first little chocolate. This makes her so happy. Seriously. IMG_6882

Max’s mom also gave us a bag of traditional German gingerbread men. Did I mention that their little gingerbread backs are covered in dark chocolate. Yummy! These also make Molly happy!IMG_6883

And finally there is the village. Here Molly is opening door #1IMG_6897

I have to leave notes on days that my clever surprise is too big to fit inside the little village door. The fun part for me this year is that Molly can actually read the notes all by herself. Oh yes she can!IMG_6899

Day #1 yielded this table top tree with lights for Molly’s room. She was thrilled!IMG_6900

Day #2 a tree skirt for the little tree. Molly was actually more thrilled than she looks in this picture.IMG_6955

Day #3: An ornament for the table top tree. IMG_7001Are you picking up on the theme here? Yes, clever little me came up with the Christmas tree theme for the Advent Calendar. You know, the tree, the tree skirt, a star, and a new decoration each day. I have it all planned out. My clever tree decorating advent adventure will last us the entire 24 days. Woo Hoo! Did I mention how clever I was?

Day #4 Another ornament. Look how happy she is!IMG_7003Molly genuinely thanked me with a kiss and a hug and then dropped this little bombshell on my Christmas Parade. She said, “Thanks for the decorations, Mom, but I made a bunch of my own and don’t need anymore. My tree is full. I hope you’re not going to keep giving me more.”

So much for being clever.

What the heck am I supposed to do with the other 19 tiny table top tree ornaments that I bought?

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