Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Field Trip

I hate to do this to you, I really do. And I apologize in advance. You see, Molly went on a field trip the other day and I want to blog about it.

I blog for a couple of reasons. One: Periodically I have my blog turned into a keepsake book for Molly, so I like to keep track of all of the things that we do. Two: My parents in Colorado live for Molly. They don’t care if I post pictures of the back if her head. They want pictures, and lots of them.

So why am I apologizing for this blog post. Well…. because….. okay, okay I am just gonna put it out there, folks: The field trip was to the zoo.

Yes, the zoo. Again. For the millionth time, I a blogging about the @#$&* zoo. I’m sorry. Truly. If you want to stop here and go on to someone else’s blog, I understand. But if you hang with me, thank you.

Alrighty, the day started out cold and rainy. No big surprise, it’s been raining nonstop for over two weeks. We came prepared.IMG_5810

Next was the obligatory group shot of Molly’s preschool class, her teachers and some random parents.IMG_5811 (2)

Periodically, the sun shone through the clouds for a fleeting moment. Here’s Molly and Jackson on one of the many zoo statues that you have seen in a bunch of other pictures.IMG_5816

I love this picture. Three fiery redheads--Kelsey, Makenna and Landon—with a sign above them that states, “May be hot to the touch.”IMG_5817

Molly with a stingray passing by.IMG_5818

Looking to see where the stingray swam off to.IMG_5819

Molly could spend hours playing at this boat. IMG_5821

Molly, Evan and Makenna standing on the back of an alligator.IMG_5824

Makenna and Molly: Snake Charmers.IMG_5829

Claire, Brooklynn and Molly hanging out by the penguins.IMG_5832

Molly always wants her picture taken with this penguin. Today was no different. Apparently she doesn't realize that she completely covered up her penguin buddy with this model-like pose.IMG_5839

The girls in the monkey cage…another zoo location that Molly could play at for hours.IMG_5837 (2)

Kelsey, Landon and Molly get a massage at the Footsie Wootsie chairs.IMG_5842

Molly and Bella looking cute.IMG_5844

At the end of the day, the kids attended a wildlife class where they got to touch an actual snake. Yuck. Molly had no apprehensions, though. She thought it was cool. Again I say, “Yuck!”IMG_5845 (2)

So, there you have it. The zoo. Again.

Wish I could promise that this would be my last zoo post, but I’d be lying. We go to the zoo a lot. I take pictures. Another post is simply unavoidable. I do apologize.

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molly Low said...

It's ok if Zoo is a "never ending story", just so enjoy to see all the pictures and to know that she is healthy and happy.