Friday, February 18, 2011

My Sweet Little Valentine

Chinese New Year was fifteen days long, giving me a convenient excuse for my tardiness in posting. Valentines Day, one day. No built-in excuse. I’m just late. Sorry!

Valentines Day started early with a party at preschool. Nothing like a sugar rush at ten in the morning, right? Molly was thrilled to wear her pink and red tutu from Aunt Shell. She picked her entire outfit right down to the hair pretties. Obviously, she has been thinking about this for a while!

Preschool Circle TimeIMG_5595

Let’s get this party started!IMG_5597

Molly and Makenna work on a craft project.IMG_5598

Molly with her Valentines Day loot. She was so excited to open her Valentines Box but there was not enough time in school. She had to wait until she got home….she was less than thrilled.IMG_5600

One last picture with Mom before heading home.IMG_5604

Molly screamed at urged me to drive faster the whole way home. Obviously she was on a mission. And I think the look of joy upon opening her Valentines explains why.IMG_5605I miss the pure joy of childhood. They celebrate all of the little moments in life with such passion. I guess when you are four, a big bucket-o-candy is not a little moment!

Molly in her Valentines Day fashions.IMG_5610

The celebrating continued in the evening, after gymnastics and dinner. This time, more goodies provided by Mom and Dad.

She humored us by pretending to care about the card before digging further down into the bag.IMG_5611

First thing out was the giant pencil. I always loved the giant pencils when I was growing up. Unfortunately they didn’t fit into the pencil sharpener so never lasted all that long. This one came with its own giant sharpener, Sure, now that I am grown up, they get smart and attach a giant sharpener.IMG_5615

Oooh, more candy!IMG_5616

A stuffed puppy that she named Rufus.IMG_5618

Another look of pure joy. Know why? Candy? Yes, but it was more than just candy.IMG_5619

It was princess candy. Better than diamonds to a little girl.IMG_5620She learn. Someday diamonds will replace princesses as a girl’s best friend. I for one am glad that she is not there yet!

Happy Valentines Day to My Sweet Little Valentine!

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