Tuesday, August 10, 2010

What’s on my memory card this week?

Precious little.

It’s not that we’ve done precious little. Quite the opposite, in fact. It’s just that I didn’t whip out a camera to photograph each and every second. *Gasp!*

I know! That is so unlike me, the mom who has a photo archive bigger than the Library of Congress.

But, it’s true. I don’t know how, I don’t know why, but I was not inspired to document every single moment of Molly’s life this week.

Don’t worry, I am sure that the feeling will pass. After all, we do have a vacation on the horizon.

So here is the entire extent of what is on my memory card since my last blog post. Each and every picture. Enjoy.

Molly found my lipstick…IMG_3142Which, of course, inspired this princess pose.IMG_3147

Later that day I told her she was Cinderella and sent her up stairs to scrub the bathroom floor.IMG_3148Before I catch any flack for making my 4-year-old scrub floors, let me just say that she enjoys it. Seriously. She even asks for more chores. And she is actually good at them. So who am I to squash her desire to clean the entire house while I sit on the recliner, sipping coffee and watching HGTV help?IMG_3152Don't starting feeling sorry for yourself, wishing that your 4-year-old would do housework. Let me just remind you that with my little perk comes packaged with a whole lot of severe stranger anxiety, separation anxiety, not-getting-her-own-way 24/7 anxiety, and meltdowns issues.

Molly and Mattie at the parkIMG_3159

Puzzle timeIMG_3162Molly’s strategy for puzzle assembly: She lets me find the piece, decide where it goes, attempt to place it and then rips it from my hands and places the piece herself.IMG_3161

Molly went to get her haircut with her friends Megan and Mia at the local kid spa. A kid spa—what’s up with that? The world is going crazy. I mean seriously, does a kid really need to go to a spa? I’m thinkin’ “no,” but off to the kid spa we went anyway.

I thought that having two good role models for Molly would help assuage her anxiety about having her haircut by a stranger. Um, that didn’t work so well but she finally did get her haircut and the three girls all looked beautiful.

Front view of girls before haircut…        IMG_2157 Front view of girls after haircut.IMG_2160 Back view of girls before haircut…   IMG_2158 Back view of girls after haircut.IMG_2161

Yes, I am so desperate for things to blog about that I am showing you pictures of the back of people’s heads.

I’ll take more pictures next week. Promise.

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