Friday, January 22, 2010

Celebrations at the Gym

There is no doubt that Molly love, love, loves the gym.
So imagine her excitement when she got to cleberate
at the gym twice in one week!

The first celebration was a birthday party for.....

Molly's best buddy, Mia!

Lots of friends.

Lots of gymnastics.

And a gianormous birthday cookie...
what's not to like about this party?

The birthday girl:

The cookie consumer:

The gang:

A hug for the new four-year-old.

And did I mention that there were
green vampire teeth in the goody bag?

Moving on to celebration #2.
This one was at Molly's gym.
It was Show Week,
a time to celebrate all that Molly has learned
this semester in  gymnastics.

First up: The floor exercise.
Going into a handstand.

Finishing her routine.
I love Miss Emily's enthusiastic expression in the background.

Next up: The beam routine.
Preparing for a forward roll.

Ending in an arabesque.

Preview of an upcoming skill.
Molly's next position on the bar...
It just keeps getting more thrilling for her
and more scary for me.

Last up: bar routine.
Going into a pull up for her mount.

Press and cast.

Tummy roll dismount.
Yes, it looks just like the pull up mount.
But trust is actually a different picture and skill.

Receiving medals.

Molly's princess wave from the podium.

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