Monday, October 19, 2009

Parties, Pumpkins and Penmanship

Meet Mia.
Molly has 3 friends named Mia;
we refer to this Mia as laughing Mia, as she is a total giggle box!)
Mia had her 4th birthday party over the weekend.
Molly enjoys a good party and this one did not disappoint.
See for yourself:

Hey, is anyone here turning 4 years old? Mia!

Pre-party photo-op: all smiles.
Now let's get this party started!

First, a little dancing...look at those girls getting their groove on.

Next up, party games.
What little kid doesn't like party games?

Some time spent with good friends.
This cutie is also a Mia.
We refer to her as swimming Mia,
as she and Molly really bonded at the pool last summer.

Crafty Molly sneakin'and a peekin' from behind her bunny.

Oh boy! Party hats. This party rocks!

What? Food, too! Yea for parties!

Top it all off with a huge hunk of chocolate cake and ice cream.
Can you say sugar buzz?

End of party photo-op: still all smiles.
Happy birthday, Laughing Mia!

Yes, it is that time of year again...
The annual trip to the pumpkin patch.

Hurry Mom, take the picture so I can put my coat back on!

This is my pick for this year.

The annual How Tall this Fall picture:


Oh my, how my baby has grown!

Fun at the farm with Daddy.

And hey, we can't leave mom out.

Petting the farm animals.
Molly is getting so courageous.
This would have never happened last year.
Go, Molly!

Any of you who know Molly, know that she is a gross motor kid.
There's nothing she won't climb, jump off, flip over or swim through.

Fine motor activiites? Well that's another story.
Until recently, she hated do anything fine motor related.
Hated coloring, hated cutting, hated playdough.
As of late, she has shown an interest in some of these things.
Yesterday, I handed her a piece of paper
and told her to write her name on it.
Then I went about my cooking.
I expected to get back some chicken scratching,
maybe some random letters in random places across the page.
Imagine my surprise when she handed this back to me:

All of her letters legibly formed, going left to right across the page. Whoa!
She's a genius ladies and gentlemen. As if there was any doubt!

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Michelle said...

Way to go, Molly!! Your penmanship looks fantastic.

Laughing Mia (appropriately named, by the way) says "Hello!"