Thursday, July 23, 2009

Birthday Party and Monkey Bars

What do birthday parties and monkey bars have in common? Let’s see….hmmm. Molly was excited about both things? She did them both in July? Not buying it?

How about this: I’ve got pictures from both events and don’t feel like making two separate posts? Ahhh, now were getting at the real connection. Let’s all just pretend like these two events flow together seamlessly, shall we?

First, the birthday party.....


Molly and I were fortunate enough to make some new friends at the pool this summer. Molly met Sophie and I met Sophie's mom, Crystal. Here they are!

It has been such a blessing to have this wonderful family enter our lives. Molly loves spending time with Sophie and her brothers, Caleb and Levi. And Crystal and I hit it off immediately.

Last weekend was Sophie’s third birthday and Molly was very excited about the prospect of another birthday party this summer. Friends, cake and goody bags. What more could a girl want?

Here's the birthday girl blowing out her candles:

Here’s Molly daintily eating her cupcake with a fork…what a little lady. I tried to tell her that you are suppose to eat cupcakes with your hands, but she was having none of that!

Sophie and Dora. Which one is which? Kind of hard to tell!

A group shot of the party girls.

Now on to the monkey bars……

Molly just learned how to cross the monkey bars all by herself. Once she got it, she mastered it quickly. Last week she could do two or three bars before dropping, today she did the whole circle: 12 monkey bar rungs without stopping. Good Golly Miss Molly!



The numerous photos you are about to view appear to almost identical, but look closely--the background changes ever so slightly from picture to picture giving evidence of Molly’s progress around the full set of rungs. I am sure I could have included only a few shots and you would have gotten the idea, but hey, my kid made it around all 12 rungs! I’m proud and I am gonna post Molly in all of her glory. (I won’t be upset if you get bored and scroll past most of them).

'At this point, I am sure that the only people still reading this are my parents, so this is for you Mom and Dad….


If all of this monkey business was not riveting enough for you, Molly took her swinging expertise one step further. She transferred her new found skills to the swinging rings. And yes, once again you get the stop action photography of her progress. Enjoy, Mom and Dad, enjoy.

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Michelle said...

Not only mom and dad, but your sister kept reading as well. Hooray for Molly!!! I sent you a little gift, just because, you should get it soon!