Monday, February 23, 2009

Fairy Tale Party

Last Saturday, Princess Molly attended her friend's Fairy Tale Birthday Party. She was so excited that she could dress up and play with lots of kids...not to mention the fact that she could get all sugared up on cake, ice cream and other party treats without mom stepping in to say, "Enough!"
She had a fantastic time and it was all that she could talk about for days. Having her birthday only a week away just added to her excitement. She is ready and raring for her birthday. So ready, in fact, that we have been counting down to the big day on our calendar since the first of January. There are a lot of big red X's so we must be getting close!
Here are the party pics for you viewing pleasure. Since I don't feel comfortable posting pictures of other kids on Molly's blog without permission, I'll limit the photos to just our little princess.
Entering the castle.
The castle cake personalized with caricatures of each child in attendance. Can you spot Molly? Of course! She's the one with the pigtails in the lower left window!
k h
Excited for the festivities to begin.
h Eating her royal magic beans while sitting on the princess throne.
Getting every last bit of cake and ice cream into her mouth...she's so dainty.
Looking overjoyed about taking a picture with the queen mother.
Listening to a fairy tale story.
Ready for the royal games to begin.
Running in the balloon relay.
A great ending to a great party.

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