Thursday, September 4, 2008

Mommy Mine

My daughter is a genius. At two years of age, she can read! Well, maybe it's not reading, but she memorizes really well. This is her favorite book, which she reads to me every night at bedtime:

It's a cute little book that looks at all kinds of Mommys in the animal world. It has a rhyming pattern and awesome illustrations.

  • "Mommy huge (hippopotamus), Mommy hairy (spider), Mommy spiny, Mommy scary (alligator). Mommy flutter (butterfly), Mommy chatter (bird), Mommy tiny, pitter-patter (mouse)."

You get the idea.

The end of the book is my favorite:

  • "Mommy cuddles on the vine, Mommy kisses...Mommy mine!"

This page shows a mommy monkey cuddling and kissing her baby. When Molly reads this page, she snuggles in close to me and gives me a big smacking kiss. My heart melts each and every time. In fact, as soon as she starts reading, I get excited for the ending.

When Molly woke up this morning, I hear over the baby monitor that she is reading Mommy Mine. I sneak upstairs and peek in the door. Once I saw what she was doing, I ran and got my camera. She was reading Mommy Mine to Baby . Oh my gosh! It was beyond cute. She even did the snuggle and smacking kiss thing with Baby when she got to the end of the story.

The best part about these pictures is the expression and body language exhibited by Baby...she's really into it. Click on each picture to enlarge and get a better view of Baby giving Molly her undivided attention!

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Michelle said...

How sweet is that!?! In that top photo, she looks like the cutest little babydoll herself.