Friday, March 14, 2008

Shuffle Off to Buffalo

Going to Buffalo for three cold, snowy days in March was the realization of a dream for me. Well, it wasn't exactly going to Buffalo that was my dream, but rather who I met while I was there.

Early on in our adoption process, I met Amy. She was also adopting from China, using the same agency and had her paperwork logged in with China about the same time as ours. We got to know each other through an online Yahoo group and found out that we had a lot in common.

Throughout the long and often painful wait for our daughters, we leaned on each other for support. We exchanged countless emails for over a year and a half; sharing tears, joy, hope and a lot of dreams about our future daughters. One of our dreams was of the day when we could sit and watch our daughters play together.

In December 2006, Amy and her husband Nigel received their beautiful daughter Hayee.

And in March 2007, Tony and I received Molly.

We now had our girls. It would seem pretty easy to bring them together, right? Not exactly. Amy and I live three states apart--over 10 hours to drive. And on top of this, Amy and I had never met in person!

For months, Amy and I continued to talked about our dream. We soon realized, however, that it was going to be a lot harder to accomplish than we thought. Driving long distances with babies, used up vacation banks, and lack of funds were all roadblocks. But we kept dreaming.

I am overjoyed to report that from March 10-12 Amy and I fulfilled our dream! We took out a map and found a good halfway point between our houses: Buffalo, NY. That was the place where we would meet. Who cared that it was March and Buffalo is one of the snowiest cities in America. We had a dream to capture!

And capture it, we did! Molly and I met Amy and Haylee in the lobby of our hotel. The girls were a little unsure of each other at first; Amy and I weren't. It was like we had been friends for a lifetime. The girls quickly followed suit. Within an hour, they were chasing each other around, imitating each other and discovering all kinds of mischief together. Amy and I just sat back, with tears in our eyes at times, and took it all in. We were at the end of a very long road. A place we often thought we would never reach.

The beautiful thing about this dream is that it can now live on. We had so much fun together that we are looking forward to our next trip together. Let's just hope it's somewhere a little warmer than Niagara Falls in the dead of winter!
(Yes, it's as cold as is looks!)

Thanks for the memories Amy and Haylee!

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